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Welcome Test Church!

All Constant Source Church Memberships include a portal site like this one. These portals include the name of the church at the top of the page and the option to customize the site to be in line with your church's branding. *

Your CS Church portal can also feature a note from a pastor or director and will include the instructions below:

Welcome to Constant Source! We are so excited to be partnering with (Church Name) to provide you with weekly tools designed to help you grow in your faith and pass on what you learn to your kids.
To receive your first issue of Constant Source Weekly go ahead and subscribe by entering your information in the form to the right. Once you do, you will also be all set up to receive Constant Source each week automatically in your email inbox.
Lastly, you might have noticed the library button to the right. All of the Constant Source materials published to date can be found there. So feel free to look back through the material use it for yourself or with your family.
We consider ourselves blessed to be on this journey with you and pray that God would bless you and your family as you seek Christ together.
~Ken Kuhn, Constant Source Founder





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*Branding integration is implemented by Constant Source. Unfortunately this page is not eligible to changed by the client. Some restrictions may apply.