Trying to Crack Marketing

Over the course of the last month, constant source has launched,  picked up a few subscribers, and even began a partnership with a local church. While the product is very new to the market and we are still settling into routine, I have been a bit disappointed with its reach. I feel like I’m reaching the end of my personal network and my attempts to give away free samples haven’t been going very well. So the question on the table is, how do we reach the next group of people for Constant Source?

The business practice that attempts to answer this question is marketing. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching YouTube videos and reading blogs about marketing and I’m slowly learning techniques to hopefully grow Constant Sources reach. 

The first Marketing Campaign that we are going to run is called a value added campaign. Basically, the idea is that the campaign is instructive or provides value while also marketing the product that your company is known for. So Constant Source is going to do a read and discuss of the New Testament to round out 2018.  


Heres the thing, for this to be successful I need your help. Instagram runs a particular algorithm on each post to internally boost the posts that they think viewers will enjoy the most. Basically this algorithm is constructed of three parts: popularity of poster (follows), consistency of posts, and post engagement (likes and comments). The more of each of these things we have the more our content will be selected by Instagram. So what do I need from you? I need you to follow along by liking and commenting post on Instagram we will hopefully continue to grow our social media following. Which, if everything works out well, will hopefully end up leading to a greater interest in Constant Source and more subscribers. 

At least that’s the theory, but only time will tell ;)

Ken Kuhn