Welcome Adventurers

First off, if you are reading this, it means that you are supporting the development of Constant source in one way or another and for that I am immensely thankful. I genuinely believe that God desires for families to be better equipped to strive towards discipleship and I believe that Constant Source will help families reach that end. Yet, this will be a long journey, one I can't go at alone, and so thank you, thank you, thank you for coming alongside me and traveling with me as we continue to discern that which God is calling Constant Source to be.

At this point in the game it is hard to know for sure what is ahead for us. I imagine that in the months to come that we will share in some moments of great success together and other moments of difficulty and hardship. So, whether you are here because you are passionate about what Constant Source is setting out to become or you just want to watch me stumble through being a content creator for the first time. I imagine that there will be much to be experienced by all.

As we embark on this journey together, I want to talk a little bit about what this blog is and what it is not.

This blog is not the content, which means that the theology, ideas, brainstorming, wondering, and searching that happens in these posts isn't to be read as a finished product.

This blog is an opportunity to push the bounds of what Constant Source could be and to explore, with you all, what we're hearing and discerning along the way.

This blog is not going to be sugar-coated. The hope in the midst of this blog is to have a space to share my real, raw, and hopefully relevant thoughts on Christianity, theology, and the push and pull of the creative process. As such, these posts will not be heavily edited and at times may contain emotional language.

This blog is a place to provide helpful feedback, brainstorming ideas, and provide your two-cents on what is going on and what you're seeing as long as it is constructive.

This blog is not the space to argue, attack, or demean others for their thoughts. Part of the success of this project relies on its ability to meet people where they are on their own spiritual journey and help them along their way. Varying levels of theology will be represented in this place and pigeonholing it into theological camps will not be tolerated.

This blog is the place for us to meet along the road, to encourage, to motivate, and inspire one another to continue on when this gets hard.

So, unto that end, a few Traveling Rules:

1. Every voice deserves respect. If you don't have something nice (or constructive) to say, don't say it at all.

2. The things that are disclosed in this space are to stay in this space. I am inviting you along in confidence that you will honor the creative process and that you will leave it up to me to make things public when I have decided that they are ready.

3. Pray for the Journey.

4. Engage in the Conversation. Keeping rule #1 in mind, knowing that I am not writing to the void will help me tremendously along the way, so the more feedback you all can provide the better.

To that end, I consider it an honor to be traveling this road and I am thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Welcome Aboard Adventurer!


Ken Kuhn