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Here at Constant Source we believe that healthy churches are made up of spiritually vibrant families and we believe that parents are called and gifted to be the primary spiritual leaders in their homes. However, stepping into this role can be daunting. Constant Source is here to empower, equip and direct parents in your church to grow in their personal faith so that they can guide their families into deeper discipleship. Healthy families make healthy churches. Let us help you nurture your church.

Constant Source Church is a partnership program that helps churches equip their families with the tools needed to help them prioritize family discipleship at home. We would love to get your church set-up with a subscription to CS Weekly or schedule a speaking engagement.

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Pricing & Services

CS Weekly | $1 per family* per month + one time set-up fee of $50

Most curriculum and devotional tools are either written for adults or for kids. We envision a different paradigm, one where we share faith journeys with one another and invite each other to participate in growth together. Furthermore, we believe that discipleship is most effective when it’s a rhythm prioritized in a family’s routine. Constant Source Weekly is a simple and concise devotional that helps parents learn, connect with their family and establish a new rhythm through our four key focuses: Scripture, commentary, reflection questions, and connection.

Discipleship Workshop | 1 hr workshop starting at $100 + travel (cost scales according to number of families*)

Families are most successful in engaging in ministry when they are not only invested in by their leaders, but invested in themselves. Through our workshops we can help individuals, families and congregations reimagine family discipleship. Our team has the ability to speak to the importance of raising the next generation of followers of Christ in your homes through helping communities reflect on what it means to guide their children in faith. We can also help you increase the capacity of formative change through effective use of our materials. Constant Source believes in the importance of discipleship and can help your community practice a new way of encountering God as a church family.

General Speaking Fee | $300/hr + travel

Family discipleship may seem like a niche topic, but by the nature of Christian faith, is an encompassing topic. Our desire is to help us see this as both a need and an opportunity. We are willing to speak to groups or teams on specific or general topics addressing the power of: family, faith, culture and/or discipleship. Our team can do this through a variety of formats based on the preferences of the community. Constant Source knows that at times we need a particular word for a specific time and through our diligence and the power of the Spirit, can offer this to your community.

Consulting | Contact us for pricing information

At times a church knows the places that could use more attention within their ministry. At other times, a church needs an outside perspective to help them reimagine their ministries. Sometimes we require both. Yet, often churches are stuck between the need to steward the time of their leaders but lack the resources for long-term hires. We have the capacity to facilitate conversions and address opportunities for bringing vitality to communities. By providing enduring systems through collaborative decision making, congregations can move themselves into the future - it just takes that extra bit of preparation that can be difficult to provide. Constant Source is willing to engage with you, your team and/or your congregation on a variety of levels based on your community’s needs.

Custom Family Devotional Content | Contact us for pricing information

Every church has particular needs based on its context. At times there simply are not the resources or expertise to develop the type of content required to deepen their community’s faith in God and move them into what lies ahead. Our team can help you with identifying what type of content you are needing for a particular season. Develop its content as well as help you market and brand it for your community. If your church is needing devotional content for a specific season Constant Source is here to help make this happen.

*Fees reflect average number of families attending church weekly.