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Family Discipleship Reimagined

Quick Facts

  • Primary Audience: Parents, Guardians, and Influencers of Kids

  • Family Focused Learning Activities

  • New Believer Friendly

  • Christian Devotional Tool

  • Digitally Delivered Weekly

  • 15 mins per session


Here at Constant Source, we believe that you, as a parent, are called and gifted to be the primary spiritual leader in your home. However, we know that stepping into this role can be difficult and daunting. Constant Source Weekly is a tool that helps you grow in your faith so that you feel more comfortable in your role as spiritual guide. Constant Source Weekly seeks to empower you to speak boldly about your faith and equips you with activities and conversation prompts to help you and your family get started on the road to discipleship.

Discipleship Reimagined

The majority of Christian educational curriculum and devotional material is written with one audience in mind. Often a lesson is either written to be taught by an adult to a child or for the adult/child to learn on their own. This kind of learning isn't bad, but we believe it's missing out on a beautiful opportunity to be more than learning, but discipleship. Discipleship isn't taught, it's caught. As we see through the way that Jesus teaches the disciples, Jesus shares all that He knows about God, practices His faith before them, and then invites them to do as He did. Discipleship is focused on sharing our faith journeys with one another and learning more about God and how to act more like Jesus along the way. Constant Source Weekly is unique because it is committed to building up your theological understanding, while simultaneously providing you with ideas to share what you are learning with your family and invite them to journey with you. 

Four Key Focus Areas

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We believe growth starts and is sustained through God's living word. The Bible is the foundation of Constant Source Weekly and is used in every session.


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Part of growing in one's faith is internalizing what is learned and pondering its impact on our lives. Constant Source Weekly provides prompts to help you think through what God is teaching you and how it applies to the world around you.

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Every Scripture reading is paired with a commentary section that explains the core themes of the passage, discusses the way the reading informs our faith, and helps interconnect all parts of the Bible.

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Being able to take what you learn and share it with your kids is vital for full family discipleship. Constant Source Weekly provides conversation starters and activities that help you guide your family along their faith journey.


Constant Source Weekly is designed to be flexible, so that it can meet the needs of your family. To this end, Constant Source Weekly is divided into multiple sections that allow you to decide how much content is the right amount for you and your family.

The Main section is a thematic overview for the week and can function as a standalone devotional. The first section features all four key focus areas giving you the resources you need to increase your understanding of the Bible and start having conversations about faith with your family today.

“Further Readings” section takes a deeper look at the theme of the week by surveying three more Scripture readings from different parts of the Bible. The second section helps you gain depth of Biblical topics and to see the ways different parts of the Bible interconnect.

The last section is all about family time. The third section includes three different age-specific activities that allow you and your family to explore and grow in your faith together. Each activity puts you in the driver's seat and gives you the tools you need to help share what you learned throughout the week with your family.

Constant Source Weekly is highly customizable because we want you to succeed, week after week. Some weeks you will have more time than others, the important thing is that your family routinely shares in their faith journey together. Sometimes that looks like a question in the car on the way home from practice, and sometimes it will look like playing together as your creatively explore God's word together. Constant Source Weekly strives to make sure you have the tools you need to make each of these moments as fruitful as possible.

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