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What is Constant Source?

Constant Source is an independent non-denominational Christian resource company. Our goal is to reimagine family discipleship through relevant Christian resources. Our resources equip parents to engage confidently and comfortably with their kids on the topic of Christianity and empowers families to journey together as they are transformed to look more like Jesus Christ. To accomplish this goal, we publish a weekly devotional geared towards educating and equipping parents, consistently post helpful information on faith development on our blog, we partner with churches to help equip families, provide inspiration through our social media channels, and are currently working on drafting and editing our first two books. For more information on our resources, select a category below:

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Inspiration Behind Constant Source

After nearly 10 years working in the church, we’ve seen over and over again that the Church is filled with amazing parents; parents who love their kids and go to great lengths to meet the needs of those God has entrusted to them. It has also been our experience that parents desire to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God, and desire the same for their children. Yet, the disconnect comes when parents at times can feel ill-equipped to be the spiritual leaders of their home. This is not their fault. As many of us experience daily in our careers, we live in a hyper-specialized society. A society that prides itself on creating economic margin so that many of its citizens can focus on, acquire, and master a unique set of skills. Much good has come from this, but one of the unfortunate byproducts of hyper-specialization is that when we operate outside of our main skill set, we often feel unprepared and inadequate for the task at hand. Yet, research shows that children with parents who consistently carry on conversations about Jesus, who share their own spiritual journeys, and are brave enough to share their experiences of doubt with their kids tend to be those whose faith sticks with them for their entire lives. Here we start to see the tension…. Children and teens need their parents to be the key spiritual coach in their lives. It is this juncture, family discipleship, that needs to be reimagined and Constant Source is here to help!

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Our Essentials

  • We believe in the one, true, and triune God who is God the Creator, God the Redeemer (Jesus Christ), and God the Sustainer (Holy Spirit).

  • We believe that God created the entire universe out of nothing, breathing life into existence.

  • We believe in the Imago Dei, which is Latin for God’s image. We believe that all of humankind is created equally in the image of God.

  • Because of the trinitarian nature of God in which we were made, we believe that we were made for relationship with God, with others, and with the rest of creation.

  • We believe that sin isolates us from our relationship with God and robs us of becoming all that God intended for us to be.

  • We believe that God loved us so much that God wasn’t interested in being God without being in relationship with us. As a result, God decided to send Jesus Christ to reconcile us back into relationship through living the perfect life.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ was God with us, incarnate, which means that we believe that Jesus Christ was 100% human and 100% divine.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ perfectly embodied a holy life of love and relationship with God and with people. We believe that the accounts recorded in the Gospels are examples of the ways in which God was healing, reconciling, and renewing all of creation into that for which it was created.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose from the dead to redeem humanity of their sin and allow us to once again be in full relationship with God.

  • We believe that after Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit was sent to guide, sustain, transform, and empower Christians to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ on earth.

  • We believe that the goal of Christian life is to love God with all of who we are and to love others as Jesus first loved us, which means living a life transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We believed we are called to live like Jesus Christ.

  • We believe in the Bible, that it is Holy, inspired by God, and supposed to serve as the main guidebook on our journey towards Christ’s likeness.

  • We believe in the Church, which is the body of Christ, and that it is to be the example of the unity, community, and love of Jesus Christ to the world.

  • Lastly, we believe that all people are equally loved by God and therefore should be equally cared for and loved as children of God.


Makenzie Halbert-Howen | Editor & Writer

Kenzie has been a freelance proofreader and writer for more than six years. After earning her BA in Biblical Theology and English from Multnomah University, she went on to earn her MA in Publishing Studies from Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies. Kenzie has written copy and helped develop the voices for small startups, established ministries, and nonprofits, and she's thrilled to lend her skills to Constant Source as a contributor and copyeditor. As a mother of a toddler, Kenzie is excited to be a part of the mission of Constant Source, as she seeks to incorporate theology and biblical truth in her own family. 

When she's not working, Kenzie can usually be found with a book in her hands and a cat on her lap. She loves baking pies, keeping up with her son, and eating her way through the Portland restaurant scene with her husband. 

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Ken Kuhn | Founder & Head Creator

Ken has been working in Christian education and family ministry for over a decade. After studying Christian theology and education at Seattle Pacific University, Ken joined the staff of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Washington, where he served in family ministry until founding Constant Source in 2018. While serving in the church, Ken received his Masters of Divinity, with an emphasis in family life and psychology, from Seattle Pacific Seminary. Now working as the head creator at Constant Source, Ken is putting his passion for practical faith application to work as he helps families explore their faith together, in pursuit of deeper relationships with Jesus Christ.

In his free time, Ken enjoys roasting and brewing his own craft coffee, exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and gathering around the table to indulge in great food, laughter and board games with his family and friends.

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Tom Parks | Director of user Experience

Tom Parks was born in Reno, NV, lived in many states as a military child, and now calls Edmonds, WA home. He enjoys getting into the outdoors and the garden. After completing his BA in Christianity and Culture he spent seven years in construction management until feeling called to pursue graduate school. During three of those years he served a medium sized satellite church in various strategic capacities as their volunteer and men’s ministry coordinator. Since completing his Masters of Divinity at Seattle Pacific Seminary he has enjoyed being an adjunct professor in Business Ethics at SPU as well as staying at home with his daughter.

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